Vingt #Keepingfaith

So yes, yesterday was my birthday and yes again i am such a birthday person. Infact, I have always been the one to sing reminders into the ears of my family members back home when someone had their birthday approaching. You would probably think that maybe with time this whole excitement thing would die but nah, 3 weeks to my birthday i changed my twitter handle to “Vingt” signifying 20years old and 20th April. I was really excited seeing that 20 has always been “the age”.

However, the day before the 20th. I lost all the vibe. I was just not feeling it at all, I got somehow sad seeing that the dream “20th birthday” would not unfold like it had been planned in my head. I was just tired. So i changed my twitter handle back to the original because “who cares? your birthday, so what?” . At the brink of this change of mood i made a simple prayer “God love me through people tomorrow because right now i feel sad and things dont look so good” . I slept.

Fast forward, I woke up and my phone was off. Oh well, I thanked God for the day and just went about doing my thing whilst charging my phone. Sometime later, I turned it on and you would not believe it; messages, calls, voice notes, pictures uploaded, dp changes all at once. For a moment i was overwhelmed like where do i even start replying or  reading from. You guys are simply awesome. Amidst all these, here are some things that stood out and would remain memorable. Some special people dear to my heart wrote short pieces about me, how they met me and how much of an inspiration i’ve been. I could not stop smiling. (Special shout out to Elidior, Muege, Jennifer, Edi, Ola, Amara, Maro, Elliot and every single person that sent a message, prayer, called or even thought about me. I love you)

To say i felt loved might be an understatement. This just showed me that God really cares even about the seemingly insignificant things. Yes,  Mama sang me a song, Dad was the first to call, big sis was giving vibes and small sis had no choice. They just love me too much.

If you ask me,”what was the best gift you received yesterday? “, I would reply the gift of words. Thanks Muege for travelling all the way just to keep me company, too much love.

So to the business of the day, well it’s a new age and i am grateful to God for how far He has brought me, I know for a fact that He loves me and has great plans for me so i pray for the grace to continually walk with Him. Grateful heart!



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