I have questions #Poetry

She would love you when you are: distant, uninterested and cold.

When there is so much uncertainty as to the mutuality of feelings, she would feel consumed by the desire to be close to you. 

See, it is when you seem “impossible to get” that she would love you and your unavailability would appeal to her being.

You start to seem interested; she grows cold feet.
You start up all the conversations; she holds back.
You are falling head over heels; she is “not ready”.
Her privacy; a highly priced jewel and so distance is coveted gold.

Maybe it is the mystery that comes with uncertainty, her unforgivable character flaw of curiosity.
Maybe she is just a dreamer who would rather reside happily in the castles carefully constructed in her head.
Maybe it is selfishness and the validation attached to being wanted.
Maybe she has been hurt because she loves too deeply.

Could it be that she is scared,  scared of redemancy?

But what do i know? I am only but an observer. 


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