Unless you’ve seen my flaws #Poetry

Unless you’ve seen my flaws, don’t say you love me.

Sometimes i don’t even love myself and i worry too much. I say hurtful words and can be really immature.

I pay attention to detail, a bit too much; how your haha must mean you don’t find my joke funny because if you did, it should have been hahahahahah.

You have no idea how much meaning i read into the look on your face, how you must think i am forming, putting on a facade. Lest i forget, should i ever catch you staring at my feet, i’ll be so sure you are thinking about how ugly they look. See, my insecurities are that loud.

Sometimes i wish i would not try so hard to convince myself that i look good enough before stepping out. That I would not seek so much reassurance about everything including the pieces i write.

I also wish i won’t have an “eager to please” attitude once i start liking you and would not fall head over heels over head without sense to a landing i know nothing of.
It is not that i enjoy looking cold and rigid, i find it hard expressing myself until i have fully settled in and i also wish  it would not take so long for me to settle in. That i would not be so apologetic about little mistakes that other people over look and put behind them.
You have seen my pictures, my profile, how wide i smile and the glow in my eyes so you think you are in love.
Wait till you see my flaws.


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