20 seconds…your time starts now

‘Father Lord, bless me’

‘Be specific, you have 20 seconds to ask the Lord for one thing’, the voice announces

‘Lord, give me a car’, you ask, whilst picturing yourself cruising with the fam, swerving to the left and right, blasting some cool music on the highway…of course, a smile is on your face. This is the life.

You were going to continue in that line of prayer. You know how it’s done now…continue hammering into God’s ear until he gets tired of hearing your voice and does your bidding, but the Spirit, chai the Spirit couldn’t just let you be.

There are deeper things to ask for.

An image of  Oga Solomon asking for wisdom passes through your mind. Maybe if you ask God  for wisdom, He’ll pity you and just add some *jara on top.

So you switch to:

‘Father Lord give me wisdom, why not add the entire package…knowledge and understanding’ secretly hoping God would dash you the other things you really want but can’t remember at the moment.

And then you remember it. The job you applied for two weeks ago, they said they’d get back to the applicants this week.

Oh my goodness, this should have been your request, see that job will lead to money,  money to car, car to…we get the drift.

It is whilst hastily trying to replace the request for wisdom with this job offer that you hear the finality in his voice as he announces, ‘In Jesus name we pray’.

You, angry at your self for wasting your sacred blank check and angry at the voice, for giving such little time to prioritize your request. You sit with a permanent scrowl on your face.

Lol, calm down, you know how those moments take you unawares and you open your eyes to the sight of people in the spirit, pouring out their heart and you are just wondering why you don’t have that one request that takes the place of every other desire in your heart…chai.

So like play like play i read something in Psalm 27:4 that blew my mind away.

David said:  

ONE THING have i desired and that would i seek after, that i may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to enquire in his temple’. 

This verse burst my brain.Like seriously!

Bros Dave, so you are saying that you have one request and it is not to be the riches or any other cool thing, but to DWELL in the house of the Lord!

You want to “dwell” there, not even to visit regularly, but to dwell. Hmmm

All the days of your life? Think about this very very well o. Make the right request, remember that there would be more battles in the future, why not ask for endless victories, and errr, maybe mercy for Queen Michal so she conceives? 

I won’t bore you, there’s probably a lot calling for your attention but in the midst of it all, take a moment of silence to consider this, that YOU NOW HAVE FREELY that ONE thing that David prioritised over every other need in his life.

We are now the House of God and the Holy spirit dwells in us. Ha, Can yoy believe this? Thank you Jesus for coming to earth to pave the way for such a privilege.

Today, I’ve found my one request and this is how it goes:

To be ever conscious of the presence of God inside of me. To dwell in that presence every minute of my life; to make all my decisions there and draw my strength,inspiration, joy and every other need at the foot of the HolySpirit within. What is your one request?

Please, don’t read this and keep it to yourself, share with at least one person so that more lives can be blessed.

Ps: You guys have been amazing readers; sharing on social media, commenting, sharing personal experiences, giving ideas and all of that. I love you so much and i know that God would reward you for the part you’ve played in propagating the gospel of Christ.

I cant wait to see you in a week’s time.

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15 thoughts on “20 seconds…your time starts now

  1. Wow… Wow… Just one thing… Solomon knew his one thing “Wisdom”,David chose”God’s Presence”, the woman with the issue of blood chose “a touch”… The power of knowing your one thing is massive. One more thing I need to settle before the end of the year… Thanks and God bless


  2. Great thoughts written out. There should be more use of the “”- quotation marks for non-English words, and slangs, so we can easily detect them and relate easily with them.
    I enjoyed the piece, quite long but interesting, I also love the correlation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really wonderful. I’m so blessed because i can refocus my thoughts on what is really important for me. That one thing i really want or should want😅
    Thanks so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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