Break Your Own Heart #Poetry

What do you do when you already know it’s fire and it’ll burn you without mercy?
But you also know the burning will take some time.
That there’ll first be the sweetest sensation ever; with fingers fanned with cool breeze and heart bleeding ice-cream and balloons…
And maybe, just maybe, the fire will never burn. It’ll continually caress you and put you to sleep as sound as an infant cradled against his mother’s chest.
They probably lied.
Trying to stop you from enjoying the best time of your life.
It’s not fire.
They lied.
They want to stop you from pleasure
They lied.

The stranger. He’s too beautiful to mean harm
Yet your heart bleeds and carries an unexplainable burden with every smile.
You blush.
Beautiful daughter of eve, taking a second look and then another and then another… Wondering what it’ll feel like to flirt a little and maybe just a little more and then a little more. And then a slight brushing of the fingers and a light kiss on the cheek and then the ear and then the neck and a brief staring into the eyes and a holding of the waist…

What do you do when the idea of “fire becomes a deep longing, intoxicating the very sense out of your head?

This is what you do:

Break your own heart;

Walk away.

Victory O. Osarumwense ©2017

All rights reserved.


Ps: Happy New Month people! It’s February, the month of “love”. We should not get carried away by what looks like the norm.

“Walk away from embraces that smother, kisses that kill,  a love that revolves around how they feel”- Dike Chukwumerijie

If you aren’t in a relationship yet, don’t become so desperate that you lay aside your values and jump into the next available ship of relations, “relationship” without evaluating the strength of character and involving God. “A broken heart is a good price to pay to keep your soul”, plus who said you only begin to enjoy life when you have found “the one”.  My dear,  build friendships, quality friendships, chase your dreams, pour your heart out into walking in purpose and when you finally meet “the one”,  you won’t be an empty vessel,  but a treasure to be treated with esteem.

I love you. Have a beautiful week ahead.



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