Eggs and the King of Hearts #Keepingfaith and #Poetry

Veekhy’s note: Hello, do you know that you are awesome? Thank you for taking the time out to read this post :). 

I put up this new poem on my whatsapp status and asked people to share their thought with me.

Title: Fragile Hearts

I got feedback from different people. All of whom tried to decode the message of the poem. I thought it was interesting and beautiful, the feedback and how different meanings were attached by different people. 

Keep reading to know the inspiration and message.

I was having a conversation recently with a friend centred on “relationship” and how fragile our hearts are. 

How, one bad decision changes everything, even destiny and purpose fulfillment.

How we want to be sure that God permits before we take that step as opposed to stepping in before begging for God’s sanctification. 

How we are tired of our hearts straying and panthing after what is not meant to be, leading to unecessary stress.

You know how these conversations go now…well, the truth is after all said and done, I made a decision to give my heart fully to God afresh. This sounds really spiritual, I know😮.

What I mean is this. 

I will literally reap out my heart from the hands of whatever person, ideology or object that has my attention and walk up to God saying “take, keep it for me and when it’s time, join my hands with whom you would permit”. 

I will stop the action of simultaneously looking to God and then, looking to the left, forgetting the master conductor, letting my eyes stray towards this new object of attraction. Get my heart broken, then come back crying to him to fix it.

Before you roll your eyes and say “they have come again, all these people”. Let me show you something. 

I was reading the book of Deuteronomy 11 where an instruction was given that the Israelites should write God’s word upon the door post of their house and upon their gates so that their days would be multiplied.

Well, this is what I saw when I read that. “Write my words on the entrance of your heart like a sign post that reads beware God’s own”. Lol.

And then I also remembered “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life”. Then it made sense, the whole “give my heart back to God” decision.

I now see that indeed there are many issues that can disturb our heart and the only way to guard it is by keeping it in the place of the word. 

To bind it with the word and diligence in the place of just sitting with God. 

So I noted to do a write up and share with you that the best way to “guard your heart”  and avoid unecessary wahala is to take your eyes off every other thing and literally place your heart in His hand. 

Afterall, He is the King of Hearts so I can guarantee that it is safe there.  

Now go back to read the poem. 
I know this has blessed you. Share with someone too. Have a beautiful week.

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6 thoughts on “Eggs and the King of Hearts #Keepingfaith and #Poetry

  1. Thank you for this Vicky! I haven’t been here in an unhealthily long time :p Such a beautiful poem and a stirring reminder to keep our hearts where they are safest.

    Liked by 1 person

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