River-whelmed #Keepingfaith

How do I begin to explain the enthusiasm that welled up in my belly as I heard her talk about setting goals for 2018. She was one of those people who was just deep effortlessly. So you can now imagine why I was  so motivated to run into the new year and start building inventions that have not even existed yet. I just knew that this is the year and greatness has no choice but to locate my head.

But, today is different. All the ginger, energy, motivation seems to have run like a thief fleeing the crime scene. It is just a week and I already feel river-whelmed by the the things that must be done and within such a short time too, but God forbid, my faith will not fail.”

See,let’s be real about this 2018. How has it been so far? Have you sat down to project how you want the year to go and everything you want to accomplish this year?

Please, I beg you, don’t say, I would do it later. That is the beginning of failure. Do it now. As in now…wait come back, after you have finished reading this.

So I am saying something and this is it, even as we set our goals for 2018,


Hian River whelmed kwa? What is that one again?

See, to be river-whelmed is when you get to that point where your goals look like doors that have been sealed short and you have not gathered enough energy to knock it down…so maybe you should just walk away.

Hmm resist!

When you are just tired. No joy, no motivation, in fact, motivational quotes on your time line are even vexing you, lol resist!

When you realize that 2018 really means that time is no longer on your side to execute those projects and the pepper spray of regret plunges your eye into a pool of years. Resist!

Keep knocking, keep walking. A friend said something profound to me recently:

“There is an inexhaustible strength connected to yours, if you’re so conscious of your strength, you will give in to your tiredness… but if you understand that Faith is always one step at a time, you can take a million steps as long as you take the next step by Faith in His strength.” – Damilola Oguntunde

This blessed me really, the truth that a strength is connected to mine and I can actually do all things through Christ, kaya!

Recently, I read Isaiah chapter 43:2 and my heart started beating fast. Chai this is what I read:

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and through the rivers, they would not over whelm you.”

Do you know that the Israelites were going to spend three days crossing the river Jordan in order to enter the promise land?

They were literally going to pass through river(s) Jordan and they needed to be reminded that God had already gone ahead of them, that’s why he gave them this word right here:

“It is the Lord who goes before you; He will march with you; He will not fail you, fear not, neither be broken in spirit.”

In 2018, don’t lose faith, don’t be river-whelmed by all that needs to be done. Because the truth is, you are not at your best yet and there is still room for growth.


If you ever start to feel river-whelmed, just remember Joshua.

See, this guy had every tendency to get discouraged and by the serious work load of leading the Israelites to the land of promise. Talk about pressure, responsibility and expectation. Chale!

Is it not interesting that God kept telling him to fear not, to not lose courage, and to keep meditating on the word of God day and night.

Victory where are you going with all of this? This is what I am saying:
Don’t be overwhelmed (river-whelmed)

Remember that you are connected to a higher source of strength. Tap into it by praying and declaring God’s promises.

Do this life, one step at a time

Plan your day intentionally.

Encourage yourself in the Lord.


Whatever happens, do not be river-whelmed.

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10 thoughts on “River-whelmed #Keepingfaith

  1. Oh I was really blessed. Hi Girl.
    My year so far has been good. And most times I feel just thinking of all we need or want to do in 2018 makes us river-whelmed.
    But like you said we’ll take one step at a time by faith in His strength.

    Liked by 1 person

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